Hexagon Ragasco, the world’s leading manufacturer of composite LPG cylinders awarded Environmental Product Declaration

Aug 05, 2021 - Press Release

Hexagon Ragasco, a Hexagon company and world leading manufacturer of LPG composite cylinders – was awarded an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) from EPD-Norway for the production of its cylinders.

Hexagon Ragasco’s cylinders are produced at the company’s fully automated manufacturing plant in Raufoss, Norway. In the past 21 years, Hexagon Ragasco has sold over 19 million cylinders in over 85 countries.

Value of an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)

An EPD discloses a product’s life cycle environmental impact and helps users to identify sustainable products. Both the underlying Life-Cycle Assessment (LCA) and the EPD are based upon international standards. Furthermore, it contains quantified information that enables comparison between products from the same product category and declares its environmental footprint towards predetermined environmental factors; one being the product’s carbon footprint.

Hexagon Ragasco’s first EPD relates to the production phase of the LCA. In addition to the production phase, the use phase and end-of-life phase will also be analyzed in the future.

Driving the energy transition

“This EPD is a big milestone for us, and the result of our dedicated work to reduce our own carbon footprint”, says Margrethe Skattum, Head of Research and Sustainability, Hexagon Ragasco. “We are committed to continuous improvements on sustainability. The knowledge we are gaining through our work with the LCA and EPD gives us the possibility to further improve our cylinders’ carbon footprint in the entire value chain.”

EDP Certification process

Asplan Viak, a leading Norwegian consultancy company specialized in a.o. environmental impact analysis and sustainability, guided Hexagon Ragasco through this EPD certification process* for the production phase, which included: Production and transportation of raw materials to the manufacturing plant in Raufoss, Norway; The production of composite cylinders at Hexagon Ragasco’s manufacturing plant: and
transportation of finished composite cylinders from the manufacturing plant to the port of Oslo, Norway.

For more information:

Karen Romer, SVP Communications, Hexagon Composites ASA Telephone: +47 950 74 950 | karen.romer@hexagongroup.com

Maria-José Pacheco, Head of Marketing and Communications, Hexagon Ragasco, Telephone: + 47 472 69 709 | maria.pacheco@hexagonragasco.com

* The LCA has been made in accordance with EN 15804:2012 + A1 2013 and ISO 14040. The EPD has been made in accordance with ISO 14025:2010 and the EPD has then been verified by SINTEF Communitya third-party verifying body approved by EPD-Norway. EPD-Norway is the organization which lists the approved EPD’s in Norway. More than 1100 EPDs from over 190 companies are now published and freely available at EPD-Norway.

About Hexagon Ragasco

Hexagon Ragasco, a Hexagon Composites company, is the world's leading producer of composite LPG cylinders with over 19 million units in use globally. The high- volume, highly automated production facility in Raufoss, Norway is the most advanced of its kind world-wide. Hexagon Ragasco's products are unique and provide many advantages over steel cylinders in terms of safety and user- friendliness.

Learn more at www.hexagonragasco.com and follow @Hexagon_Ragasco on Twitter and LinkedIn.

About Hexagon Composites ASA

Hexagon delivers safe and innovative solutions for a cleaner energy future. Our solutions enable storage, transportation and conversion to clean energy in a wide range of mobility, industrial and consumer applications.

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