Nomination committee

The nomination committee to propose candidates for election to the Board of Directors.

The nomination committee’s requirements are stipulated in the articles of association. The nomination committee’s main responsibility is to evaluate the work and expertise profile of the Board of Directors and to propose suitable candidates. The nomination committee also proposes the fees to be paid to members of the Board. Proposals for candidates, including the reasons for selection and other relevant information are
distributed with other documentation related to the annual general meeting.

The committee is currently comprised of three members . The composition of the committee is intended to reflect the interests of all shareholders, and all members are independent of the Company’s executive personnel,material business contacts and the Company’s major shareholders. Members are elected for two years at the time by the annual general meeting. The current nomination committee is composed of:

- Walter Hafslo Qvam (Chair)
- Elisabeth Tørstad
- Ingebret G. Hisdal