Cylinder testing and monitoring technology

The most advanced testing technology available

High-pressure cylinders must be recertified every five years. Hexagon Digital Wave offers innovative cylinder testing and monitoring technology that reduce down-time and inspection costs while improving cylinder inspection accuracy.

Modal Acoustic Emission (MAE) technology is used to analyze the structural integrity of composite cylinders through ultrasonic guided waves. It is the most advanced testing platform for Type 4 composite cylinders worldwide.

MAE inspection is done by equipping the tank with sensors that pick up guided ultrasound waves travelling within the composite wall. When analyzed, these waves can be used to source and locate damage in the tank structure. MAE technology can tell what caused the damage, based on the wave signatures, and determine severity of the measurement.

Our Ultrasonic Examination solutions are in use worldwide

Our Ultrasonic Examination (UE) machines use ultrasonic sound waves to identify flaws in metallic cylinders. The UE inspection methodology has been accepted in many jurisdictions as the preferred re-qualification method for Type 1 (steel) cylinders. The systems accuracy, reliability and models representing varying throughput requirements have become the customer choice throughout the world. Hexagon Digital Wave's UE machines have been installed in over 120 sites worldwide.