Hydrogen Storage & Distribution

Lightweight High-Pressure Systems for Hydrogen Storage & Distribution

X-STORE® transport modules with Type 4 composite lightweight design vessels are the most efficient gas transport and storage systems available worldwide. They are used for the transport of compressed hydrogen or as ground storage solutions in modules with 250, 300 and 500 bar. Flexible sizes range from 10 ft up to 53 ft.

How Hydrogen Empowers the Energy Transition

"This report [..] details the future potential that hydrogen is ready to provide, and sets out the vision of the Council and the key actions it considers fundamental for policy makers to implement, to fully unlock and empower the contribution of hydrogen to the energy transition."

Lightweight Hydrogen Storage Solutions For
Stationary Applications

Since the introduction of fuel cell vehicles is driving the demand for hydrogen refueling stations we have been expanding our portfolio by offering innovative stationary solutions.

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