CNG Storage & Distribution

High Volume Transport for Compressed Natural Gas

Natural gas is abundant, cost-effective, and clean. Compressed natural gas (CNG) it is a smart, low-emission alternative to traditional transportation fuels like gasoline and diesel. With an octane rating of approximately 130, it allows for increased engine compression and combustion efficiency in vehicles and nonmobile sources.

Why are parts of the country experiencing natural gas shortages?

Natural gas production is at an all-time high in the United States. Why are some experiencing a shortage? The primary reason: not enough pipelines to meet the consumer demand.

Success Stories Around the Globe

We have a strong track record delivering results with partners around the world. We are making an impact on 6 continents with economic and environmental benefits.

Xpress Natural Gas (XNG)

Successful compressed natural gas project resulted in annual savings of $1.2MM and a reduction of 17,000 tons of CO2 per year. XNG developed innovative solution with a network of pipeline terminals, trucks, and on-site decompression stations.

Mobile Pipeline® is the cost-effective solution for
transporting CNG

Our composite cylinders hold four times more and weigh 75% less than steel tubes. The result: you spend less money to haul more gas and realize a faster return on your investment.

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