Biogas/RNG Storage & Distribution

High Volume Transport for Compressed Renewable Natural Gas

Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) or Biogas has the lowest carbon intensity of any transportation fuel. As we decarbonize transportation, RNG is playing a crucial role. Sources of RNG are often far from a pipeline. Costs to connect to a pipeline can be prohibitive. Mobile Pipeline®® provides a cost-effective solution to transport RNG to our natural gas grid.

Challenges & Opportunities for RNG Projects

“If we capture and process biogas before it escapes into the atmosphere, not only are we protecting the environment from harmful air emissions, we are providing an affordable, plentiful source of natural gas that is fully interchangeable with traditional geologic natural gas.”

Success Stories Around the Globe

We have a strong track record delivering results with partners around the world. We are making an impact on 6 continents with economic and environmental benefits.

Roeslein Alternative Energy

850,000 tons of CO2 methane will be prevented from reaching the atmosphere as Roeslein Alternative Energy works with farmers to maximize profitability converting agricultural waste into valuable RNG.

Mobile Pipeline® is the optimal solution for
transporting RNG

Sources of RNG are often located far from a pipeline and costs to connect to a pipeline may be prohibitive. Mobile Pipeline® provides a cost-effective path to our natural gas grid.

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