specifications*12,5 L18,2 L24,5 L26,2 L27,4 L33,5 L
Propane Capacity (kg)57,51010,711,214,0
Butane Capacity (kg)68,51212,813,416,5
Empty weight ** (kg)3,44,155,15,36,3
Water content (L)12,518,224,526,227,433,5
Height (mm)384468571595622715
Diameter (mm)305305305305305305
* All values are nominal
** without valve
Our cylinders can be delivered with a wide variety of valves for different uses, with vapour or liquid outtake. Other sizes can be manufactured on special request based on volume considerations. The cylinders are customized with different logos and colours, to match your branding requirements.

specifications*11 LBS17 LBS22 LBS31 LBS vapor31 LBS forklift truck
Propane Capacity (lbs)1116.85223131
ButaneCapacity (lbs)13.218.7263737
Tare weight (lbs)8.610.31216,3**17,2**
Water capacity (lbs)27.540.4537575
Height (in)15.118.322.528,328,3
Diameter (in)1212121212
* All values are nominal
** with valve
We are present in North America with the brand name Viking Cylinders . Visit our North American website for more information.