Composite LPG cylinders

  • Over 17 million sold worldwide
  • Certified and approved in over 85 countries
  • Industry leading safety record backed by 20 years of experience

Our composite LPG cylinders are the modern alternative to steel cylinders. They are manufactured from advanced materials and combine uncompromising safety, quality, design and innovation.

Suitable for a variety of applications ranging from industrial, home-users and leisure, our cylinders are made from advanced polymeric and composite materials. They are designed to operate across all weather conditions from -40 degrees Celsius (Antarctic regions) to +65 degrees Celsius (desert regions), proving they are a versatile choice.

We are the preferred supplier of leading LPG marketers and distributors.


Our seamless cylinders are manufactured following three main steps in our fully automated facility:

  • First, an inner liner of polyethylene (HDPE) is blow-molded.
  • Glass fibers and resin are then wound around the liner to create the pressure vessel.
  • To provide even greater strength and bring an element of design, we add an outer layer in the form of a polyethylene (HDPE) casing. This distinctive casing, with trademarked design, provides both protection and an ergonomic grip. It also allows our customers to brand their cylinders.

Helping LPG marketers acquire and retain market share while improving pricing power.