Type 4 high-pressure tanks for CNG

To enable the storage and transportation of large amounts of natural gas, it is compressed into high-pressure tanks at pressures typically ranging between 200 and 250 bar. For this type of application, Hexagon Purus offers a wide range of different sizes and storage volumes.

  • Lightweight & efficient - Our patented hybrid laminate technology guarantees an optimum of strength, weight and costs and leads to improved driving dynamics, fuel consumption and emission.
  • Long range & short refueling - Our Type 4 tanks enable up to 500 km vehicle range as well as refueling in 3 minutes, which is comparable with diesel and gasoline.
  • Corrosion resistance - CNG is covered by polyamide or polythylene guaranteeing the best corrosion protection against gas with high content of moisture and acid.

Type 4 high-pressure tanks for hydrogen

We have been adapting our leading and proven Type 4 composite pressure tank technology for a wide range of mobility and storage applications in the hydrogen industry.

Volkswagen Group and industry partners from the energy economy further expand CNG mobility

Together with Volkswagen and other members of the so-called "CNG Industriekreis" we are contributing to the expansion of CNG Mobility in Europe.

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