Phoenix CSL Cylinders

The Phoenix™ process includes all steps required for continued service life of SCBA cylinders.  This allows SCBA cylinders to be used up to 30 years from their original date of manufacture.

Phoenix™ has been made possible through multiple studies resulting in the final Special Permit 16320 granted to Hexagon Digital Wave by PHMSA/DOT

  • Cost Effective - through the Phoenix™ program, users of carbon fiber SCBA cylinders can repurpose crucial funding into other lifesaving aspects of their organizations  
  • Environmentally Friendly - every cylinder tested through the Phoenix™ program is one less cylinder destined for the landfill
  • Uncompromised Safety - the Phoenix™ program provides at time of manufacturing safety without at time of manufacturing pricing 

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Hexagon Digital Wave Partners with Firefighters Without Borders to Provide Life Saving SCBA Cylinders for Fire Departments Worldwide.

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