Lightweight Hydrogen Storage Systems for Rail Applications

Over the last 20 years, we have been adapting our leading and proven Type 4 composite pressure tank technology for a wide range of mobility and storage applications in the hydrogen industry. As supplier of hydrogen storage systems to the world´s first hydrogen powered commuter train, we are your reliable partner for customized gas storage systems for rail vehicles.

Type 4 Technology

Our Type 4 tanks made of full carbon fiber are able to store H2 up to a pressure level of 950 bar. The frames of our hydrogen storage system are made of high-strength steel or aluminium, depending on the individual requirements.

Customer benefits

  • Long distances without refueling or charging
  • Zero emission and low noise
  • Tailor-made installation solutions and size (roof, floor or side)
  • Various international rail configurations
  • Proven cycle performance and fatigue resistance
  • Low life cycle costs
  • Cylinder lifetime up to 30 years (according to the train´s lifetime)

Safety & Reliability

  • Pressure regulation to achieve a constant output pressure
  • Approved according to rail regulation codes & standards
  • Thermal and Pressure Relief Device (TPRD)
  • Excess flow devices
  • Line heat detection and venting
  • Temperature and pressure monitoring
  • Safety valves
  • Hydrogen leakage detection
  • Emergency release of gas

Our tanks are approved according to rail regulation codes & standards. They are equipped with a pressure regulation to achieve a constant output pressure as well as a Thermal and Pressure Relief Device (TPRD).

Service & Testing

  • Reliable after sales service
  • Service training capabilities for maintenance
  • Comprehensive testing capabilities (inhouse and partners)
  • Filling and simulation capabilities
  • FEA & design

We offer reliable after sales service as well as comprehensive testing capabilities, both in-house and with external partners.


We offer flexible solutions for various customer requirements adapted to individual conditions in terms of storage amount, pressure level, space and positioning inside the vehicle.

We are well positioned across the entire CHG and hydrogen value chain with vehicle tanks for cars, trucks, buses, ground storage, transportation, marine and rail applications. We have adapted our proven technology to a wide range of storage and mobility applications.