Battery Electric and Fuel Cell Electric vehicle systems

Hexagon Purus is one of the market leaders within EV systems and electric drivetrain solutions.

What is EV/Hybrid?

  • Electric vehicles are becoming an excellent option for transit buses, in-city medium-duty delivery vehicles, and short-haul drayage trucking. Electric vehicles have a much lower source-to-wheels emissions profile than diesel or gasoline vehicles, and zero tailpipe emissions.
  • An electric drivetrain is very simple, consisting of just an high-efficiency electric motor powered by batteries. This improves overall energy efficiency, lowers fuel costs, and empowers fleet owners with vehicles that are easier to operate and maintain. Agility partners with major OEMs to design, build, and support electric and hybrid vehicles than can go the distance.


One of the most energy dense and lightest  battery packs in the commercial vehicle industry.

OEM grade offering with capabilities across  the full drivetrain system

Agile, cross-functional teams provide rapid time- to-market on E2E drivetrain solutions