Corporate Governance

Hexagon Composites ASA follows the Norwegian Code of Practice for Corporate Governance. It aims to secure a clear division of roles and responsibilities between shareholders, the Board of Directors and executive management to ensure good corporate management. Hexagon believes this contributes to the greatest possible value
creation for all interest groups and strengthens trust in the company among shareholders, in
the capital markets and with other key stakeholders.

Supplier Code of Conduct

Our suppliers, contractors, sub-suppliers, subcontractors, consultants and business partners play a critical role in maintaining our customer’s trust and ensuring the highest degree of quality in our products. Our Code of Conduct sets forth the requirements and expectations that our Suppliers must follow when doing business with Hexagon.

Articles of association

Articles of Association for Hexagon Composites ASA last updated on 27 February 2019 – effective from 27 February 2019.

Annual general meeting

Hexagon Composites ASA has well established procedures for publicly announcing and issuing information about general meetings. It is the desire of the Board to allow as many shareholders as possible to be able to exercise their rights by attending the General Meeting and that the General Meeting is an effective meeting place for shareholders and the board.

Nomination committee

The Nomination Committee’s duties are to evaluate the work and expertise profile of the Board of Directors and to propose candidates for election to the Board. The Nomination Committee of Hexagon Composites is stipulated in the articles of association and consists of three members, one of whom is a board member.